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Mussaenda philippica - Bangkok Rose

Species: Mussaenda philippica 'Bangkok Rose'.

Common name: Bangkok Rose
Botanic name: Mussaenda Philippica 'Bangkok Rose'
Family: Rubiaceae

This evergreen shrub may reach 2 m in height, the opposite attractive leaves are about 21 x 8 cm, veins obvious, hairs present on both surfaces.

A summer flowering shrub with interesting flowers borne at the ends of the branches and drooping downwards, creating an interesting effect.Flowers are in terminal clusters, each flower has 5 sepals at least 1 sepal is much enlarged and coloured, usually in the white to apricot range; in some cultivars all sepals may be enlarged. The tubular corolla is yellow. Fruits are black berries.

A good plant for a warm sunny position. Plant as a medium sized shrub for background or mid-range height. Prune hard in the spring to keep compact. Keep moist during warmer months, less at other times.

Photos of this plant

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