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Citharexylum spinosum - Fiddlewood

Species: Citharexylum spinosum.

Common name: Fiddlewood
Botanic name: Citharexylum spinosum
Family name: Verbenaceae

Fast growing tree to 10-12m (30-40'). This evergreen tree is a native of the West Indies. The leaves are lanceolate to about 10 cm long. The small white fragrant flowers are borne in racemes on the outside of the tree.

In spring the bright green leaves turn an unusual salmon-orange colour, and in cooler areas about half the foliage falls. In tropical climates fiddlewoods do not lose as many leaves. Creamy white sprays of perfumed flowers appear at the branch tips from about midsummer to early winter.

Best climate: Tropical and subtropical zones, and also warm microclimates in cooler areas with protection from frost when young.

The fiddlewood is a lovely West Indian native tree grown for its attractive foliage and fragrant flowers. Both the genus name citharexylum (from the Greek - kithara, lyre, and xylon, wood) and the common name of fiddlewood refer to the use of the tree's timber to make sounding boards for musical instruments.

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