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Allamanda cathartica - Golden Trumpet Vine

Species: Allamanda cathartica.

Common name: Golden trumpet vine/ Allamanda
Botanic name: Allamanda Cathartica
Family: Apocynaceae

Originally from tropical South America, this scrambler is readily distinguished by the glossy green leaves arranged in whorls of 3-4 and the presence of white latex.

The funnel-shaped flowers, that occur in clusters, are yellow with 5 overlapping petals. Persistent root base. Several cultivars available. Several pink flowering species growing in the district. Flowering most of the year. The fruits are prickly capsules, splitting to release winged seeds, but fruit are rarely found.

Yellow allamanda has white milky sap in all parts, which oozes out as soon as it is broken. All parts of the plant are considered poisonous and highly cathartic.

Full sun; moist, rich humus soil. Tolerant of many soil types; no salt tolerance. Can be grown as an container plant indoors in the cooler zones.
Sensitive to frost, foliage hardy to 30 ° F for a short time.
Except to their tenderness to frost, they grow without major impediment.
Landscape uses: as a shrub if pruned, as a vine on a trellis.

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