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Allamanda blanchetii - Purple Allamanda

Species: Allamanda blanchetii or violacea.

Common name: Purple Allamanda
Botanic name: Allamanda blanchetii
Family: Apocyneceae

This shrubby climber is an Allamanda hybrid with large ( 4”-6”) deep purple flowers. These trumpet-shaped flowers have radially symmetrical lobes that are usually twisted like little propeller blades. Allamandas have smooth margined leaves in opposite pairs or whorls. The Purple allamanda Is medium in size and are evergreen plants, which means they keep their leaves year round.

The Purple allamanda should be grown in a bright place, with direct sunlight. They like a rich friable soil and plenty of water in spring and summer. Prune heavily in spring to shape the vine and encourage flowers.

All plants with milky sap like these are potentially toxic though so care needs to be taken when pruning.

Photos of this plant

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