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Genus: Jacaranda.

Species: Jacaranda mimosifolia.

Common name: Jacaranda
Botanic name: Jacaranda mimosifolia
Family: Bignoniaceae

This deciduous or semi-deciduous tree is originally from South America. They grow to around 10-15 metres (30-45') tall.

It has lacy green foliage which turns yellow in autumn before falling. It has clusters of pale mauve, trumpet-shaped flowers that have 4 stamens and an unusual elongated, glandular-pubescent staminode. These flowers appear in September and October before the leaves return and then drop to form a blue carpet underneath the tree.

The flower colour varies from soft blue through to mauve/blue and almost purple. There is also a white flowered cultivar available called 'White Christmas'.

The fruits are round flattened, woody capsules that usually remain on the tree for quite a few months.

Jacarandas prefer a sunny position, rich well-drained soil and protection from wind and frost when young. One important thing to remember is that it's better not to prune jacarandas. After pruning they send up lots of ugly vertical shoots which spoil the appearance of the tree.

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