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Galphimia glauca - Gold Shower

Species: Galphimia Glauca.

Common name: Gold Shower, Golden Thryallis, Rain of Gold, Shower of Gold
Botanic name: Galphimia glauca
Family: Malpighiaceae

With their red stems, vibrant green leaves and generous sprays of deep yellow flowers, they grow to around 1.8M but it is very easy to keep them lower and trimmed to hedge proportions. They knock back in winter in cooler climates, but burst forth in Spring to delight once again. In a Queensland garden they flower from September to June. Occasionally remove "leggy" stems to keep the plant from looking scraggly.

Light: Bright sunlight is prefered. Plants grow more scraggly in shady area and trimming may be required for neatness.
Moisture:Likes well drained soils. It is drought resistant and does well in dry sandy soils.

Propagation: By seeds. Also by cuttings taken in the summertime.

Forms dense barriers that are attractive and functional and is a good candidate for low-maintenance landscapes as it is easy to grow, drought resistant, and blooms almost all year around.

Photos of this plant

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