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I first saw this growing on Mont Bruno, a hill (remains of an ancient volcanic plug) outside Montreal, Que, on the South Shore of the St. Lawrence River. Mixed woodland. The stems were quite short (less than 10 cm). The name stuck with me as Bill Clinton was US President at the time. When we moved here to the South Shore of Nova Scotia, imagine my delight in finding a clump of it growing amongst the roots of a spruce tree in the woods within a few feet of the house. The clump has expanded over the 5 years we have been here, and the stems grow to at least 25 cm.
Link for Mont Bruno - used to be a wild, delightful wooded mountain with 5 lakes and lots of walking trails, birds, animals, fungi... now the government has turned it into a provincial park, you have to pay to walk there, they have blocked most of the more interesting paths and you have to stick to the 'designated gravel paths', and in winter they groom them for X-country skiing - with only a couple of trails around the lakes left for walkers. Progress Quebec-style, in the name of conservation - Bah humbug.

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