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Genus: Solenostemon.

Species: Solenostemon scutellarioides.

Common name: Coleua
Botannical name: Solenostemon scutellarioides
This group is no longer classified in the genus Coleus, being moved into Solenostemon, but is still commonly known as Coleus.
Family: Lamiaceae

Colourful coleus are among those old-fashioned plants, which have been rediscovered and given a "makeover', with many named cultivars now available. Many of these have improved characteristics compared to the common types of older gardens.

Brightly coloured foliage plants grown for their leaves that will brighten a shady spot. Pinch main shoots to encourage bushiness and pick off flower stems to prevent plants producing seed. Periodic pruning is beneficial. Protect from frost.

Plant in spring and summer.

Semi-shade. Tolerates a little sun once established. Will last indoors for short periods.


Planting Distance:

Foliage is a mix of pink, red, bronze, maroon, yellow and green.

Garden beds, borders, containers, indoor pots.

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