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Rose 'The Pilgrim' (David Austin)

Genus: Rosa.

Species: Rosa glauca.

'The Pilgrim' (Auswalker) David Austin recommended variety. (yellow)

English rose collection, bred by David Austin, Medium shurb/short climber


strong scent - tea and myrrh

very full flowers repeating - good.

an excellent pure yellow rose, that combines unusually storng and healthy growth with bloom of the utmost delicacy and charm. thes are quite large and evenly shaped, with many small petals opening to form a flat flower. they have a softness of texture which is most pleasing, and look particularly fine when arranged in a bowl.

The pligrim is taken from chaucers 'Canterbury Tales'

4ft x3ft

arrived mid december 2007 - during heavy frost, i have planted it with special root stuff inbetween pineapple lily and Osteospurnum along right hand bed before the woodland area. the ground was pretty frozen (about an inch down) so i pored some warm water over the area where it was planted, so fingers crossed it will take ok.

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