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Rose 'Noble Antony' (David Austin)

Genus: Rosa.

Species: Rosa.

'Noble Antony (Ausway) - David Austin recommended variety. the name comes from Shakespeard's plant 'Antony and Cleopatra'

English rose collection, bred by David Austin, the flowers are bight magenta pink double/full bloom.

it has a very strong old rose sent in all climates. very free flowering which won the fagrance prize at the Glasgow trials.

A short, bushy rose with dark foliage and flowers of a pleasing sade of deep magenta-crimson. thes are full petalled and the outer petals turn back to make a perfectly formalized, deeply domed flower. an attractive and unusual shape. an ide3al rose for smaller gardens and for the front of the border. reliable and disease resistant.

January 2008 planted in right hand bed in front of the patio, inbetween Abraham Darby Rose and Alpine Sunset Rose.

Photos of this plant

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Reminders for this plant

Due over 14 years ago:

Swap the pink david austin rose with elegnus.

at some stage over the weekend i need to swap the rose for the elegnus, for two reasons, in right hand bed the elegnus looks odd in the middle of two other roses with colour wise should go well with noble anthony. and secondly. in the left hand bed where the rose is now is far to close to the scabby rose from next door and i have read that new roses should'nt be planted in the same place as old one as this can cause desease - and the scabby rose is riddled!