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the ones that have been grown and left to do their own thing and survived: Brutus, Harry Gray, Tom Thumb, Lady Thumb, Campanile, Komet. Swingtime, Harry Gray and Campanile go in the greenhouse over winter, the others have to stay outside.

been very pleased with Lady Boothby too. it scrambles through things and is considered to be a climbing fuchsia.

I have a very small flowered one that i think is charlotte [lottie]

Photos of this plant

  • 8.7.9_014
  • Fuchsia_sarah_delta8.8.9
  • Fuchsia_marenka_30.8.9
  • Fuchsia_2.8.9
  • Fuchsia_lady_thumb_3.8.9
  • Harry_gray_25.10.9
  • 25.10.9_004
  • Fuchsia_bud_8.4.10
  • Fuchsia_display
  • Fuchsia
  • Fuchsia_display_
  • Fuchsia_dollar_princess
  • Fuchsia_david_
  • Fuchsia_mrs_popple_
  • Fuchsia_dollar_princess_close_up
  • Fuchsia_garden_news
  • Fuchsia_heidi_anne
  • Fuchsia_sarah_delta
  • Fuchsia_sarah_delta_close_up
  • Fuchsia_un_named