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Evolvulus glomeratus - Blue Daze

Species: Convolvulaceae.

bought from Lai Seng nursery on 16 Feb 2009

Full sun, moderate water

Evolvulus glomeratus is native to Brazil and Paraguay

Evolvulus grows well in full sun in poor sandy soils that are well drained. Light: Evolvulus does best in full sun, but can tolerate a little shade, especially at midday.
Moisture: Evolvulus needs a well drained soil, but also frequent watering. It cannot tolerate wet soils at all, and very rainy periods or overwatering will cause fungus problems and lead to premature death

Propagate blue daze from softwood stem cuttings or by seed. The stems tend to take root where they touch the ground, so blue daze can be propagated easily by separating rooted stems from the mother plant

It is highly tolerant of salt, and makes a fine ornamental for the coastal garden or in a planter on an oceanside balcony

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