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Streptocarpus caulescens - Nodding Violet

Genus: Streptocarpus.

Species: Streptocarpus caulescens.

Common name: Nodding Violet
Botanic name: Streptocarpus Caulescens
Family: Gesneriaceae

In the same family as the African Violet, the Streptocarpus is a perennial evergreen with lots of showy hanging flowers, hence the common name Nodding Violet.

The leaves are small, dark green and fleshy. The flowers are clusters of small, tubular, soft mauve blooms. The Streptocarpus grows to 30cm.

To keep flowering well indoors, it should have bright light away from direct sunlight. Outdoors, morning sun is fine. It's great in a pot or hanging basket on a patio and does best in an area that's frost-free. It likes humus-rich, moist soil and can be propagated by tip cuttings in spring and summer.

Photos of this plant

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