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Kiwi fruit.

Genus: Actinidia.

Species: Actinidiaceae family.

One male plant will service 5 or 6 females, I have one male and 2 females.,
Also a self fertile kiwi which is less vigorous and hasn't fruited yet..
They fruit late in the year after all the other fruit and help to extend the fruit season,
in fact I have eaten my own kiwi at christmas. Fruits on second year older wood.
flowers fragrant, growth rate moderate, but can reach 9 metres over time.
Plant over a large pergola, the large heart shaped leaves cover the flowers, on a pergoa the bees can get underneath to pollinate.
Use a 3 node (eye) cutting of firm new growth Apply 0.6-0.9 IBA (rooting hormone) stick in well drained soil & mist takes 3-4 weels to root
or using rooting hormone and planting them in sandy place in the shade with a jar over the top of the cuttings. Seems that you want the sand to have organic matter in it for air circulation. Keep the soil around the jar damp

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