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Feijoa Mammoth & Triumph

Genus: Acca.

Species: Acca sellowiana.

Dreamed of growing these in Sweden. Planted the two varieties next to each other in 2004 and tickle their flowers with a paintbrush every spring to ensure pollination. Fruits fall off when they are ripe, picked early they do not ripen, and they do not travel well, bought some feijoa fruits from the exotic fruits in Tesco and they were horrid, sour and woody. Left to ripen on the bush they are melting and sweet/sour reminiscent of a cross between a lusciously ripe pear and a pineapple.
Kept them wrapped in fleece every winter until this last one. Wish I hadn't been so cocky because the frosty weather has scorched their leaves.

Photos of this plant

  • Frost
  • Dying