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Amaryllis 'San Remo'

Genus: Hippeastrum.

Species: Hippeastrum papilio.

Almost double the size of all my others, it stand about 1 meter tall. The blooms were a good salad plate size and had a fine fruity fragrance. The first blooming at my house had two stalks each carrying about five blooms. Really a show stopper! I plan to over summer in the greenhouse or some such outside place and fertilize deep a feww times to keep well fed. I should have a similar flush next winter and maybe even get some babies.

Photos of this plant

  • 2009_0127january0008
  • 2009_0129amaryllissanremo0009
  • 2009_0129amaryllissanremo0008
  • 2009_0129amaryllissanremo0007
  • 2009_0129amaryllissanremo0006
  • 2009_0204amaryllissanremofeb0004
  • 2009_0204amaryllissanremofeb0014
  • 2009_0204amaryllissanremofeb0017
  • 2009_0204amaryllissanremofeb0021
  • 2009_0204amaryllissanremofeb0023
  • 2009_0204amaryllissanremofeb0025
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  • 2010_0331april0026
  • 2010_0331april0030
  • 2010_0331april0033clip