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Orange clock Vine

Genus: Thunbergia.

Species: Thunbergia gregorii.

I love this plant. I think it originates from South Africa where it grows happily. It is prolific and likes full sun, it has been a fantastic addition to my garden but here in the UK it should be treated as an annual. The seeds can be gathered from the pods and stored, cuttings are also a good way of getting more plants, these can be gathered when the vine is chopped down before the hard frosts arrive. My main plant has set out some runners, like a strawberry would which have rooted in the pot, so I'm hoping these will be next years growth. I have just covered mine with a bell cloche and wrapped fleece around the pot and the edges of the cloche. It may survive our winter, but we'll have to wait and see

The original seeds were bought from

Photos of this plant

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