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Arachis pintoi

Genus: Arachis.

Species: Arachis pintoi Fabaceae (Leguminosae).

bought on 7 April 2009

Commonly known as Yellow Peanut Plant, Arachis pintoi is closely related to the peanut plant, but does not produce peanuts. Normally used as groundcovers in the landscape, it is also a good candidate for hanging baskets. The plant bears bright yellow flowers on slender stalks that are 8 to 10cm tall. The flowers open in the morning and last until late afternoon. Arachis pintoi performs best and produces more flowers when grown under full sun.

Fast-spreading creeper. Prefers well-drained soil. moderate water needs. Tolerates soil with low fertility.
Grown as ornamental groundwater for specks of yellow flowers. Often used in agriculture as a cover crop for its nitrogen-fixing ability.

Despite its common name, the plant does not produce peanuts.

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