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Deep Secret Hybrid Tea Rose No 2

Genus: Rosa.

Species: Rosa Deep Secret.

Dark red, very fragrant blooms. This rose has had a tough time since being put in my garden. There was an undiscovered block of concrete 60-80 cms below where the young rose was planted. It was clearly struggling so I moved it. Last year it only produced two or three flowers, but I put it down to its being moved. This spring it had one thick stem with leaves on the top, but compared to my other roses it was still struggling. I dug it up and discovered that the tap root had formed a U bend and was growing upwards!! I sought advice from Cants of Colchester - they suggested trimming the roots and pruning hard. Which I duly did. That was a week ago. I realised today that the position of the rose was too prominent given that it was going to be touch and go... so I moved it again; it had new growth in lots of its roots, which is a good sign. It won't be moved again, so fingers crossed it'll thrive and recover...

Photos of this plant

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