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Lemon ( Meyer )

Genus: Citrus.

Species: Citrus limon.

The perfume from the blossom is wonderful, might be good in a large conservatory
Placed in a large tub in open sunny area. They dont like getting waterlogged. Not fully hardy so place in greenhouse for winter and remember to water.

Citrus plants are happy to stand outside after the spring frosts have ended (usually about the end of May). Plants should be placed in a shady spot and gradually crept into full sun over the course of a full week or so to prevent leaf scorch. They should remain in the sun for the rest of the summer. The more sun the better! If they are kept in a conservatory or greenhouse in the summer, they must have ample ventilation. Extreme care must be taken in late spring, before the plants have been moved outside, when the temperatures in conservatories and greenhouses can soar on sunny days, vents must be opened to prevent over heating.

Winter conditions
Before the first frosts appear plants must be moved into warmer conditions for the winter months. Citrus need as much light as possible. Small plants can be kept within the house on a south-facing windowsill or by patio doors, away from radiators and larger plants, in conservatories or greenhouses. Whilst most citrus can withstand temperatures just about freezing, they will fare much better if kept a bit warmer. Try to avoid sudden extremes of temperature as this can stress plants and cause leaf and blossom drop. Temperatures in conservatories can vary considerably between day and night so ventilate them well during sunny days. Whilst indoors we suggest standing citrus in 'pot feet' in a tray so that the pot is never waterlogged. Never allow the plant to stand in water.

This is the key to successful Citrus growing. The plants should be watered, from the top, thoroughly. This means flushing plenty of water through the pot so the compost is completely soaked. Then the plant must be left to almost completely dry out between each watering. Gauging when plants need watering can be tricky, when the compost starts to dry the leaves may lack lustre, become dull and even start to droop. At this point you should feel several inches into the pot to check that it is dry. Finally check the weight of the pot which is very light when dry. It is better to under water than over water. Always flush the pot thoroughly with plenty of water and allow to drain away Do not water a little at a time. Do not stand plants in water as this will cause the roots to rot.

Citrus are greedy plants and to get a good crop of fruit they need constant year round feeding every time the plant is watered. Foliar feeding but putting the feed solution through a sprayer once a week can greatly increase the set of fruit as waterings are few and far between in the winter months. It is a good idea to always keep a watering can full of mixed feed in the same room as the plant so that the roots don't get shock from cold water, which can stress the plant.

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