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Genus: Solanum.

Species: Solanum tuberosum.

These look as though they are doing very well in large tubs , I grew up in Jersey the largest of the channel Islands, their main export crop is Jersey Royal potatoes, so full of flavour IIn Jersey they crop seaweed from the spring tides, stack to desalinate and then spread it on the land + manure from the Jersey cattle, they are grown on steep slopes down to the sea this fills the soil with humus and holds the moisture, gives the potatoes great flavour too. and the soil doesn't blow away in the wind as chemically fertilised soil does. I planted earlies, epicure, some that I bought to eat that sprouted
variety unknown. I hope to have some Jersey Royal new potatoes ready for the Christmas period. I use seaweed fertiliser and homemade compost that has had
manure incorporated with the compost, and earth up frequently so the potatoes grow from the bottom of the tub to the top. Hope the crop lives up to what they look like above the soil

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