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Hebe "Inspiration

Genus: Hebe.

Species: Hebe "Inspiration.

Bought this 2 years ago, grown to over 3 ft high in large pot on patio. really nice flowers.
Hebe ‘Inspiration’ is a wide spreading, evergreen bush, with arching branches. The leaves are a shiny green, spear-shaped with a blunt tip, about 1.4 in (3.5 cm) long, tending to lie in one plane. The flowers are a rich purple, June to July.
Hebe ‘Inspiration’ was raised in New Zealand before 1957. Its parents are tender Hebe diosmifolia and Hebe speciosa. This tender hebe cultivar is worth trying in a warmer area of the UK, especially near the coast. It is similar to Hebe ‘Headfortii’ and Hebe ‘Wiri Gem’

Dark green healthy leaves with neat and tidy growth form, rarely to 4'. Purple flowers crowd the branches in summer. A 'winner' of a plant lending to more formal and more protected settings.
Prefers sun, zone 8+

Photos of this plant

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