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Genus: Tropaeolum.

Species: Tropaeolum majus.

I first grew Nasturtiums as a boy at school. Since then I've grown them many a time. Just last year I had a lot of them growing on the balcony & this year I've planted more. I have some that are growing in the strangest of places but I hope to train them up stings from the railings of my balcony right up to the balcony ceiling.

Photos of this plant

  • Nasturtiums_yellow_on_balcony_2008_08_16_001
  • Nasturtium_orange_on_balcony_21_10_07
  • Nasturtiums_red_yellow_on_balcony_05_10_07
  • Nasturiums_in_hanging_basket_on_balcony_20_09_08_001
  • Nasturtium_2009_10_09_001
  • Nasturtium_2009_10_09_002
  • Nasturtium_2009_10_09_003
  • Nasturtium_2009_10_09_005
  • Nasturtium_2009_10_09_006
  • Nasturtium_2009_10_09_007
  • Variegated_nasturtium_on_balcony_2009_10_31
  • Nastutiums_on_balcony_10th_october_2021_003
  • Nastutiums_on_balcony_10th_october_2021_001
  • Img_20220512_145135_928
  • Img_20220512_145113_666