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Calliandra Surinamensis - Pink Powder Puff

Genus: Calliandra.

Species: Calliandra Surinamensis.

Common name: Pink Powder Puff or Pink Tassel
Botanic name: Calliandra Surinamensis
Family: Fabaceae / Mimosaceae

This spreading shrub, with bipinnate leaves, i.e. each pair of leaflets (pinnae) are in turn divided into about 6 pairs of leaflets (pinnules), is from northern South America.

The large showy heads of pink flowers resemble powder puffs, although the petals are small the numerous stamens which are white towards the base and pink towards the top are colourful.

The fruit is a pod to about 4 cm long. A flat pod, first green later brown, contains 5 - 6 seeds; it curls open to release the brown seeds.

Photos of this plant

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