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Euphorbia leucocephala - Snowflake Bush

Genus: Euphorbia.

Species: Euphorbia leucocephala.

Common name: Snowflake Bush
Botanic name: Euphorbia leucocephala
Family: Euphorbiaceae

Snow flake bush, is an interesting plant from Central America, which puts on a wonderful display of creamy, petal-like bracts during autumn and winter. Closely related to poinsettia, it is a classic low maintenance plant that would suit the average garden. A shrub to 1.5-2m (5-6') tall and 2-3m (6-10') wide. It flowers in autumn and winter, from April to July and then loses its leaves for a short period. From spring it is green for the rest of the year.

Snow flake bush likes well-drained soil and a position in full sun to semi-shade. Prune heavily after leaf drop and then give another light clip in early summer. Apply slow release fertiliser after pruning. (Tip: wear gloves when pruning as milky sap may irritate sensitive skin.)

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