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Genus: Anthurium.

Species: Anthurium.

Common name: Anthurium
Botanic name: Anthurium
Family: Araceae

Anthuriums develop into a cluster of short upright stems bearing large, elliptical, lance- or arrowheadshaped leaves, which are usually held upright on stiff stalks.

The distinctive flowerheads are made up of a flattened, shield-shaped, petal-like bract known as a spathe, which surrounds a protruding cylindrical spike embedded with many tiny flowers, called the spadix. Both the spathe and spadix tend to be the same color, usually bright red, though other colors like this purple, occur among the hybrids.

In the wild, Anthurium species are mostly epiphytic, but they adapt well to greenhouse, container, and garden cultivation, thriving in bright humid conditions with moist humus-rich soil.

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  • Anthurium
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