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Ardisia crenata - Coral Ardisia

Genus: Ardisia.

Species: Ardisia crenata.

Common name: Coral Ardisia
Botanic name: Ardisia Crenata
Family: Myrsinaceae

An evergreen shrub growing to 1.2m by 2m . It is in leaf all year, in flower in summer, and the berries ripen from autumn through to winter.

The dark green, serrated leaves are glossy and very attractive. The flowers are white or pinkish and rather inconspicuous. The berries, which hang down in clusters, are quite showy as they ripen and turn to shades of coral and finally bright scarlet.

Coral ardisia likes deep rich soil with lots of organic matter but it can also thrive in almost any non-soggy soil. Coral ardisia tolerates some direct sun but not much without showing signs of distress. It grows best under a canopy of trees in fairly deep shade. Moist to average is preferred but coral ardisia is able to survive drought.

Photos of this plant

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