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Rhododendron simsii - Azalea

Genus: Rhododendron.

Species: Rhododendron simsii.

Common name: Indian azalea
Botanic name: Rhododendron simsii
Family: Ericaceae

# Azaleas love acid soil, so the soil needs to be adjusted to a pH range between 5.5 and 6.0.

# Most azaleas fail to thrive because gardeners don’t tease the root ball out, and the fibrous roots remain bound and are never able to spread beyond the confines of the shape of their former pot.
Slice through the roots with an old knife from top to bottom, around the outside of the root ball. Pull the matted roots apart gently splaying them outwards, which will encourage the new roots to extend to the soil in which it has been planted.

# Place the plant in the planting hole and backfill. Water it in well with a seaweed solution to help the plant overcome transplant shock.

# Because azaleas have a shallow root system, mulch is important to keep moisture in the soil, and also modifies the temperature of the soil, keeping the roots warm in winter and cool in summer.

# As soon as the shrub has finished flowering, the shrub should be pruned back by about one third, and it is also the time to consider fertilising with a good organic azalea and camellia fertiliser. If these are both done at the same time then the new growth will coincide with the development of new flowers on the outside of the bush. If a shrub is fertilised too soon the flower buds will develop on the inside of the shrub while the shrub continues to grow, and will not be as visible.

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