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Osteospermum ecklonis 'Passion' (African Daisy)

Genus: Osteospermum.

Species: Osteospermum ecklonis.

Common name: African Daisy
Botanic name: Osteospermum ecklonis 'Passion'
Family: Asteraceae

Descended from an evergreen perennial native to South Africa, the cultivars in the Passion Mix were bred for a compact, branching habit, long bloom, and large, showy daisy-like flowers in a range of colours that include white and shades of purple and rose.

Usually grown as annuals, they are perennials in warm climates and when grown in containers. The leaves are green to grey-green and densely gathered on branching upright stems that end in upward facing flowers. At peak bloom, a mature may be covered with flowers. Pruning spent flowers can produce non-stop flowering from spring through autumn.

These sun-loving plants prefer well-drained soil and relatively cool summers. Avoid overly fertile soils, which will cause stems to flop. They are wonderful in borders, grouped for bedding, and in containers, where they will bloom the entire growing season and then can be wintered indoors in a cool, bright position.

Photos of this plant

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