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Pelargonium Peltatum - Ivy Geraniums

Genus: Pelargonium.

Species: Pelargonium peltatum.

Common name: Ivy Geraniums
Botanic name: Pelargonium Peltatum

The ivy leaf pelargoniums derive form a single distinctive species Pelargonium peltatum. It has a leaf that looks like English ivy and has a wonderful trailing habit, which makes the plant a useful groundcover, for spilling over embankments and the tops of big pots.

They also have lovely, delicate flowers, often with intricate patterning. And like all pelargoniums, benefit from a regular, light trimming every few months to keep them looking their best.

Pelargoniums produce flower buds all year. To keep them coming, just pinch out the old flower stems as they finish, and the plant will look after itself.

Pelargoniums are one of the easiest garden plants to propagate. To do this:

• When pruning simply pinch off the stem tips.
• Remove a couple of the bottom leaves.
• Plant them into free draining potting mix.
• Then just keep the water up to them.
• Keep them in a sheltered spot in the garden.
• In about a month or two, you’ll have a beautifully rooted plant ready to go back into the ground.
• It’s really important to water the cutting well for the first month as the roots grow down to find moisture.
• Give them a handful of complete fertiliser when you plant them, and you’re well on your way to a garden full of year round colour.

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