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Geranium sessiliflorum 'Thundercloud'

Genus: Geranium.

Species: Geranium sessiliflorum.

Common name: Geranium 'Thundercloud'
Botanic name: Geranium Sessiliflorum

Geranium sessiliflorum hybrid Thunder Cloud originated in New Zealand. It's a hardy little perennial that forms a low mound of miniature, deep maroon foliage and has small delicate light pink flowers.

Grows to 20cm high and 50cm wide. Will tolerate frosts, coastal and dry conditions.

Thunder Cloud prefers to be in well drained soil, in a pot keep well drained and use a premium quality potting mix, and prefers full sun or part shade.

Prune during the winter months to promote new foliage and flowers. Fertilise biannually with a 6-8 month slow release fertiliser. Very low water requirement once established.Water mister

Thunder Cloud is very versatile; it makes an excellent ground cover for banks and is very effective for under planting. It also makes a brilliant hanging baskets and great feature pot specimen.

Photos of this plant

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