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Genus: Gazania.

Species: Gazania.

Common name: Gazania
Botanic name: Gazania hybrids
Family: Asteraceae

Low growing perennials from South Africa. Their silvery-green leaves are usually long and narrow, and are often lobed. They have bright, colourful flowers in white, cream, yellow, red and brown, often with contrasting bands or spots. The flowers close at night.

The main flowering period is spring and early summer, but they flower at other times of the year as well. Deadhead frequently to encourage flower production.

Gazanias grow in most areas of Australia, although they tolerate very little frost and dislike wet winters. They're easy to grow and are drought tolerant.

Gazanias love full sun and well-drained soil that is not too rich. Water occasionally during dry spells and mulch annually with compost.

They can be propagated by soft-tip cuttings all year round, or in the cooler months by division of established plants.

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