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Cycas revoluta

Genus: Cycas.

Species: Cycas revoluta.

Common name: Sago palm
Botanic name: Cycas revoluta
Family: Cycadaceae

A low growing cycad. Some old specimens will develop a trunk. Usually single trunked, it is not uncommon for a plant to throw "pups" or offshoots which can be removed and potted up. It is very slow growing. Originally comes from Japan.

It has feather like leaves, up to 900 mm long, with the leaflets being a very dark glossy green, stiff and pointed, and about 100 mm long.

The female inflorescense is feather like, later forming a tightly packed seed head, closely covered by whitish miniature leaves. The male cone is pineapple shaped. Seeds are brownish-red, the shape of a flattened marble, about 30 mm across.

This is the most popular and widely cultivated of the cycads. It makes an excellent landscape plant, as well being very well suited to pot culture, and even bonsai. Best kept away from paths, since the leaves are quite spiky.

It is a very hardy plant (like most cycads), tolerating dry periods, and light frosts. It prefers a sunny, well drained spot, with deep soil, but will still thrive in less than ideal conditions

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