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Dahlia 'Zippity Do Da'

Genus: Dahlia.

Species: Dahlia 'Zippity Do Da'.

This is a very tall plant - about 4'- 4.5' tall. Very free flowering; sports dusty 'antique pink' button blooms 1.5' inch in diameter. 'Zippity Do Da' is quite remarkable dahlia: in the middle of this year's July I had to move out. I couldn't even think of leaving my precious garden there. So I moved everything to my new home (that's about 36-40 plants; 5 of them are dahlias). All dahlias (in the middle of blooming) were digged up and replanted in my new front yard. All of them not only survived but overcame transplanting shock in just 2-3 weeks and started to bloom again!!! So 'Zippity Do Da' is a bloom machine: relocation didn't disturbed it at all.

Photos of this plant

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