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Acacia holosericea - Silver-leaf Wattle

Genus: Acacia.

Species: Acacia holosericea.

Common name: Silver-leaf Wattle
Botanic name: Acacia Holosericea
Family: Fabaceae / Mimosaceae

Widespread shrub or small tree in this area of northern Queensland. It is an upright shrub, 3 to 4 metres in height.

It has grey, hairy leaves (phyllodes) to 25 cm long and up to 9.5 cm wide, 3 longitudinal veins more prominent than the rest.

It has bright yellow flower spikes, about 5cm long, all along the branches in winter. These are followed by bunches of coiled, tangled pods. They may be rubbed on the hands to clean them. This characteristic has led to the common name of Soapbush - as they are sticky and tend to remove dirt from the skin when crushed in the hands.

It grows naturally in northern parts of Australia and is found along watercourses and in open forests. It is quick growing, but not very long-lived. Propagation is from scarified seed.

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