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Indian Shot 'Striata'

Genus: Canna.

Species: Canna indica.

bought from woolworths in buy one get one free deal in december 2007.

bright orange flowers and varigated cream/green folliege. flowers june-september. height 60cm x 30cm wide in 5 years.

likes full sun - moist well drained soil. fully hardy in our part of the UK and only needs lifting every 5 years for division whilst plant is dormant. - prone to slugs and snails but it is not toxic or irritant. cut back all stems to just abouve ground level late autumn.

planted a long the left hand bed in front of buddys area, next to the japanise quince and the crocrosmia.

January 2008, the foxes keep getting thought the fence at this point and wrecking the soil in the process, so i have dug this one up and put it into a large terricotta pot in the greenhouse for now. i have ordered a blue rose from David Austin to plant in its place - it is a very prickly one which i hope might put the foxes off!

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