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Sprekelia formosissima or Jacobean Lily

Species: Sprekelia Formosissima.

Common name: Jacobean Lily or Aztec Lily
Botanic name: Sprekelia Formosissima
Family: Amaryllidaceae

Originaly from Central America, Sprekelia are fairly easy to grow and with vivid scarlet orchid-like flowers, it makes a great display.

Sprekelia do well in pots and are best planted in groups of 8-10 as all will not flower each year. A humus rich well drained soil with well rotted manure or compost dug in is best. Early in spring top dress with a little cow manure and blood and bone to promote growth.

Flowers soon after planting at the same time as the deep green strap shaped leaves appear.

They grow very well in full sun; in Queensland, they tend to flower at all times of the year (in fact, there is very rarely a month without some flowering somewhere in the garden). Jacobean Lily do less well under trees but do survive and multiply and lastly they prefer to be in soil that drains freely.

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