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Canna indica

Genus: Canna.

Species: Canna indica.

Common name: Canna Lily
Botanic name: Canna Indica
Family: Cannaceae

Cannas are clumping perennials and will grow in most areas of Australia. . Most of them love the sun and are remarkably hardy. Lots of compost and animal manure should be dug into the soil when they are planted.

Just before spring mix up a combination of blood and bone and sulphate of potash in a ration of 4:1 and apply to the surface of the soil around them. It will ensure continuous flowering from November right through until April.

Dead-heading any spent flowers will prevent them from going to seed. From May hard pruning needs to takes place, removing all the old and spent flowering stems right to the ground leaving new side shoots as these will be next years flowers.

They grow from thick underground roots (or rhizomes). The flowers grow up through tightly furled leaf bases or 'false stems'. Every plant in the ground can produce two, and sometimes three bulbs in one season, making it easy to have a good display very quickly.

Divide Cannas every 3-4 years to promote flowering and to keep healthy.

Indian Shot is a common name that refers to cannas because in tropical South America, where the plant originates, the native tribes used the very hard seeds as ammunition in their blowpipes.

Photos of this plant

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