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Dendrophthoe Vitellina (Long-flower Mistletoe)

Species: Dendrophthoe Vitellina.

Common name: Mistletoe
Botanic name: Dendrophthoe Vitellina
Family: Loranthaceae

Dendrophthoe is a genus of parasitic plants. There are about 30 species with six native to Australia.

Dendrophthoe vitellina is an erect or pendulous species with elongated, greyish-green, elliptical leaves to about 15 cm long. It occurs on a range of species but is most common on plants in the myrtle family (Myrtaceae) such as Eucalyptus.

Flowers are seen in spring or summer and they are very attractive being narrowly tubular in shape to about 25-50 mm long with the ends of the tube turned backwards. The flowers are yellow to red in colour and are followed by yellow or red fleshy fruits about 12 - 15 mm diameter.

Photos of this plant

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