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Genus: Bellis.

Species: Bellis perennis.

Tasso mixed seeds from Thompson & Morgan, sown July 2009. 5 very vigorous plants put out today (1/10/09).
Update (16/11/09) first flower on this today and it appears to be a bog-standard wild daisy flower! Oh well could be pretty, very leafy plants - perhaps the soil is too 'good'?
update (5/12/09) - no it was a real double daisy if a bit of a wimpy one, pic is up.
update (21/3/10) - 1 of the 5 plants is blooming like crazy, loads of buds - new main pic :)

Photos of this plant

  • Early_daisy
  • Brave_daisy2
  • Daisy_blooming_well
  • Pink_bellis
  • Cottage_trough1