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Bracteantha bracteata also known as Helichrysum bracteatum

Species: Bracteantha bracteata, Helichrysum bracteatum.

Common name: Strawflower or Everlasting Daisy
Botanic name: Bracteantha bracteata, Helichrysum bracteatum
Family: Asteraceae

Dwarf everlasting daisies, also known as strawflowers, are popular and intriguing Australian natives with papery
flowers that hold their colour and texture long after picking and drying.

Low growing, spreading perennial with medium to large daisy flowers to 5cm across which have a yellow centre surrounded by coloured papery bracts. Spot flowers occur anytime with the main display in late winter through early summer. Height to 30cm spread 60cm.

Grow in a sunny position in a fertile free draining soil. Prune by one third when flowering has finished and fertilise with a controlled release fertiliser when new growth commences.

They make a cheerful colour display in the garden. Suitable to plant in large containers and provide long lasting flowers for fresh or dried floral arrangements.

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