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Albizia lebbeck - Siris tree

Genus: Albizia.

Species: Albizia lebbeck.

Common name: Siris tree or Indian siris tree
Botanic name: Albizia lebbeck
Family: Mimosaceae/Fabaceae

Mimosa lebbeck is a fast-growing tree, that is susceptible to wind damage. A moderate to large, deciduous tree can grow up to 100 feet high in rain forests.

The tree develops a straight trunk when it is grown in dense forests, but is spreading and low branching in the open. Unless trimmed frequently,the trees will annually produce an abundance of seed from papery pods about 8" long and 1" wide.

Common names such as "woman's tongue" and "rattle pod" derive from the noise of pods shaking in the wind.

The foliage is pale green when young and grey-green at maturity. Flowers are yellowy-green coloured, hemispheric pom-poms.

It is commonly used is as an sidewalk/footpath tree.

Photos of this plant

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