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Genus: Aloysia.

Species: Aloysia Triphylla.

Fam: Verbenaceae Gen: Aloysia (South America)
Open shrub - 3x3m medium growth
Leaf: May to Nov
Flower: Aug - Sept
Half-hardy; apparently can withstand frost til -10c. I overwinter it in an unheated greenhouse.
It dies back completely in winter. When it has lost it's leaves, cut back hard to ground level and mulch. Keep dry and cool when dormant.

Pinch tips to bush out. Feed regularly.
Any soil, semi-shade or full sun - Woodland.
PRUNE in spring if necessary; cut back lanky sprigs.
PROPAGATION: May / June from softwood; in August from half-ripe wood in a frame. Grow on in greenhouse for at least the first winter.
HARVEST leaves when flowers appear on stalks and gather leaves when they drop in autumn.

Photos of this plant

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