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Crane's Bill

Genus: Geranium.

Species: Geranium cantabrigiense Biokovo.

Evergreen geranium, Fully hardy
H: 15 cm Spread: 45 cm
Flowers: April-July (will not flower in shade)
Whitish-pink flowers and aromatic foilage.

Spreads well but does not like excessive dampness.

Loved by butterflies!

Divide in March/April

Cut down very early spring but not essential.

NOTE: Oct. 2009 - lifted into pot as it was in shady spot; a rose has grown so big it shaded it and it hasn't flowered all summer.

Photos of this plant

  • A_geranium_cantabrigiense_biokovo_cranes_bill
  • Geranium_cantabrigiensebiokovo_08june
  • Geranium_cantabrigiensebiokovo_08june_1_