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Vietnamese coriander

Genus: Persicaria.

Species: Persicaria odorata.

Family: Polygonaceae
Synonym:Polygonum odoratum

Apparently this plant is suitable for growing indoors
Requires consistently moist soil; do not let dry out between waterings. Very high moisture needs; suitable for bogs and water gardens.

Propagation Methods:
From herbaceous stem cuttings

I think it smells just like Houttunia.

II have also heard it is used as a haebal remedy as an infusion in tea to help ease headaches.

Persicaria odorata grows best in warm sunny, to part shade position in moist or wet soil. It will grow in shallow water quite happily, in the margin of a pond or bog garden. When grown in a more shaded position its leaves become more pale green and lose their distinctive arrow shaped pattern.

Used as a culinary herb throughout South East Asia, in the cuisines of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos etc. The leaves are shedded or used whole in curries, soups, noodles etc, especially with coconut milk and famously in Laksa soup.

Had this for 2 years now.
It dies down completely in winter, 1st winter I didn't know if it was annual or perennial so I cut it to groud level and mulched lightly. In early spring 2009 it started coming back at the root and has grown to same enormous size again.

It looks a little bit like a thin bamboo but its leaves smell just like

Photos of this plant

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