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Genus: Berberis.

Species: Berberis thunbergii.

I just love looking at this all summer and autumn. The onlyt downside it that is it decidious!

Chameleon-like with pale green foilage and small yellow flowers by midsummer, the leaves are silvery-white/pink then turning crimson in autumn.

Fully to frost hardy. 5" x 5"
Soil: any well drained.
Full sun/part shade - colour is best in the sun.

Great in a pot, which means that when it has lost all it's gorgeous leaves (Nov-Dec) it can be moved in the greenhouse to over-winter out of sight.

I just love berberis in general!

Photos of this plant

  • A_berberis_thunbergii_starburst_barberry_detail
  • A_berberis_thunbergii_starburst_barberry_detail_1
  • A_berberis_thunbergii_starburst_barberry
  • Berberis_starburst_09march