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Honeysuckle Woodbine

Genus: Lonicera.

Species: Lonicera japonica.

Climbing evergreen shrub of free-flowering habit bearing highly fragrant blooms of white and yellow throughout summer. Will quickly spread.
Do not overwater in early spring or autumn. Water around the base of the plant only.

Any soil, any aspect.

Correct pruning is important to achieve the largest amount of quality flowers.

Mine is looking rather sorry for itself. I aquired this last year and it is my first ever climber so I am a bit clueless and didn't prune it at all last Febuary. I didn't get any flowers this summer, just a lot of wirery growth. I expect that it will flourish if I cut it back properly next Feb.

Photos of this plant

  • A_lonicera_japonica_halls_prolific_honeysuckle_or_woodbine