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Verbena 'Sweet stripe'

Genus: Verbena.

Species: verbena.

Verbena hybrida Sweet Stripe 'Swestrena'

For some reason I alway think its name is 'candy pink' but it is 'sweet stripe'.

I bought this as an annual 2 years ago, every autumn i lift it into a pot and it overwinters in my greenhouse. I have no idea if that is necessary but I don't want to experiment with its hardiness! It comes into flower early summer and just carries on and on. Beginning of Nov. 2009 it is still in flower!

It is quite garish but adds so much colour that I love it! I like it even more for coming back every year.

Photos of this plant

  • Verbena_sweetstripe_08june
  • Verbena_sweetstripe_08may
  • Verbena_sweetstripe_08nov