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Pelargonium - Regal ('Bel Brown Eyes')

Genus: Pelargonium.

Species: Pelargonium x domesticum 'Bel Brown Eyes'.

Common name: Regal Pelargonium 'Bel Brown Eyes'
Botanic name: Pelargonium x domesticum 'Bel Brown Eyes'

The 'Bel Brown Eyes' has dark brown uppers, light pink lowers.

The regular sized Regal Pelargoniums have large 3-4 inch serrated leaves that are stiff. They have large flowers, again 3-4 inches across.

The small flowered Regals have smaller leaves, smaller flowers and some are more compact in growth habit while others are fairly tall. Flowers are more abundant on the small flowered Regals than on their larger counterparts. Both are found in solid colours as well as two-toned.

Blooming period can be extended if plants receive only morning or afternoon sun. Regals require a cooling down period (55 degrees farenheit) at night in order to set flower buds. As this variety of pelargonium grow larger than the zonals, they require pots larger than 4-1/2 inches. They have extensive roots so require more water than other pelargoniums.

Photos of this plant

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