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Kaempferia elegans - Peacock Ginger

Species: Kaempferia elegans.

Common name: Peacock Ginger
Botanic name: Kaempferia elegans
Family: Zingiberaceae

Kaempferia are a deciduous groundcover (member of the ginger lily family) and grow from small globular rhizomes which grow fleshy roots.

Most are low growing which colourfully marked foliage with flowers that either emerge in the spring just prior to the foliage or with the foliage continuing flowering through the summer.

This kaempferia has very attractive patterned leaves and mauve flowers. It prefers a dry shady position and can handle heavy frost areas. The plant will die back over winter months but in Summer/Autumn will reward you with gorgeous foliage and quite large flowers.

Extra good clumping plant. While it is dormant, it seems to multiply fast underground.

Suitable for pots and requires little water once established.
This Kaempferia is suitable for all climates in Australia.

Easily propagated by dividing the rhizomes

Photos of this plant

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